Our team’s mission is to offer the most uniquely individualized and professional care available and to promote the wellbeing of our patients while helping them achieve and maintain the highest quality of life. We also strive to provide cutting-edge, state-of-the-art modalities and services to our Central Florida communities.

CryoNext Integrative Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary facility that combines Chiropractic, Rehabilitative and Regenerative services, along with the best and latest in modalities. Our company was founded by Dr. Robert Abraham in 2016 with the first location in Oviedo. A second location is now open in Lake Nona. Our health care centers are both conveniently located off the 417, easy to reach from all the surrounding communities.

Performance Medicine Solutions

Our practice name stems from the integrative healthcare and medicine model and the collaboration of all the best and latest in healthcare technology. One of those technologies is whole body cryotherapy and the numerous benefits it offers. In our facilities, you can find chiropractic care, whole body cryotherapy, LED light therapy, compression therapy, cupping and Kinesio Taping®. Many of these services cannot be found elsewhere in the area or even the state.

Train The Mind.. The Body Will Follow

There are many different aspects to being healthy and none can be compromised. With so many options available, we can help you discover true health. Our team includes a chiropractor, nurse practitioner and medical doctor in addition to our highly qualified, knowledgeable support staff.

Ultimately, we want to stimulate your body’s healing process without you needing to resort to medications and surgery. Though we are not against traditional medicine when it is required, we feel that many of these options may interfere with your natural healing abilities or simply cover up your symptoms temporarily.